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Boomerang Native Art produces quality boomerangs from plantation timber, suitable for painting and decorating in traditional designs and techniques, or with designs of your student's choice.


For many years Boomerang Native Art has supplied blank boomerangs to schools upon request and has now produced a tailored package that incorporates these requirements.The timber is produced in Australia from renewable forests.


There are four available products: the throwing boomerang, the decorating boomerang, the timber boomerang shape and the group activity boomerang which comes with a pre-applied design. These boomerangs are ideal for kindergarten upwards, from basic colour application to the most sophisticated creation of intricate designs.


The boomerang can be used to be decorated as the student wishes or in conjunction with internet or library resources to stimulate further studies of a culture going back 40,000 years. This way the student has something tangible to enrich their learning.Before attempting the boomerang itself, there is the opportunity for the students to research and discuss the meaning of the design and application. All motifs and painting techniques should be practiced and refined before attempting the finished product.

Boomerang Native Art Blank Boomerangs
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