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Looking for Aboriginal activities and craft ideas for your next group activity? 


Are you planning your next Community group event or activity? Looking for engaging and fun ways to learn more about our Indigenous Culture? 


Boomerang Native Art produces quality blank boomerangs from plantation timber, suitable for painting and decorating in traditional designs and techniques, or with designs of your groups choice. Our boomerings will bring a fun aboriginal craft experience to your Community Group or Aged Care activities.


Our boomerangs can be decorated as intricately or simply as you wish.  We recommend using the internet or library resources to research Aboriginal Art and designs for inspiration on colours and designs. This way each group member has something tangible to enrich their cultural experience. Before attempting the boomerang itself, there is the opportunity for group members to research and discuss the meaning of the design and application. All motifs and painting techniques should be practiced and refined before attempting the finished product. 


The timber is produced in Australia from renewable forests. There are three available products: the throwing boomerang, the decorating boomerang and the group activity boomerang which comes with a pre-applied design. 


Boomerangs can be ordered by filling out an order form and faxing it to 02 9624 5454. A $15 flat rate delivery fee applies to anywhere in Australia. 


Download your order form by clicking here



Ph: 0437 040 393 

Fax: 02 9624 5454



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